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Barfield School

An Independent Preparatory School for Girls and Boys

Old Barfeldians News

We were delighted to welcome Mr Sydney Leleux to Barfield.

Mr Leleux attended Barfield from 1948 until 1950 and was keen to see how the school had changed since he was a pupil. He remembered many of the school buildings and the current Cookhouse was his first ever classroom at school! Mr Leleux chatted with some of the Year 4 pupils who had lots of questions for him! The children found it very amusing when Mr Leleux informed them that, when he was at school, if they were naughty the children had to walk around the edge of the Headmaster's Lawn!

Mr Leleux even brought a folder with him, which contained all his paperwork from his school days,including all his school reports, which were very interesting to read. Having past pupils return to visit the school really does prove that Barfield School is a very special place!