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Barfield School

An Independent Preparatory School for Girls and Boys

When We Were Babies

Owls were lucky enough to be visited by not one, but two babies this week.

Baby Rupert and his Mummy visited Owls K on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed the attention he received from the children. We discussed how we have changed since being a baby, with one Owl saying "Babies crawl and go gaga" and another asking Rupert’s Mummy "Did you go to hospital?" Great question!

Owls B were visited by baby Rose on Wednesday, with her Mummy who is also a midwife. Mrs Holland showed the children how their heartbeat differs from that of a baby with the use of a stethoscope and a Ultrasound Doppler. The Owls got to listen to their own heart beat and then baby Rose’s with the children exclaiming " Baby Rose’s heartbeat is faster!"