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Barfield School

An Independent Preparatory School for Girls and Boys

The Pre-Prep Perform "Away In A Manger"

The Christmas festivities were set off with a bang this week with three fantastic showings of the Nativity, performed by The Pre-Prep.

We had soloists singing sweetly, excellent speakers and marvellous acting by all. Jasmine Tilney in Year 5 wrote a lovely account of the production: 

“As I sat through the Nativity you could hear every word said. The scene fits perfectly with the general act and with lovely songs and outfits, it was truly amazing. It was just down to the acting of the Pre-Prep children. But then, when the first child stood up to narrate, the lights brightened and shone through like the first sunray. The child started to speak in a loud, clear voice and it was delightful to hear. You could see the great care which went into the costumes and my favourite had to be the cockerel’s outfit as it was layered with soft craft feathers.  The songs stuck into my head at once and that shows that they have worked hard to give the very best of their ability.  Overall, it was a great play that had a few twists. It showed lots of emotion and care.” Jasmine Tilney - Year 5

Jasmine's thoughts are reflective of the impression made on all of us. Well done to all those involved in the production.