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Barfield School

An Independent Preparatory School for Girls and Boys

Years 7 & 8 Visit The Globe Theatre

On Friday 18th March Years 7 and 8 ventured out to the big city in search of some Shakespeare! 

Jumping on the train we headed to the South Bank and wandered towards The Globe Theatre. We had a Workshop booked in the morning, and our guide, Tom, was brilliant. He talked us through the history of the theatre and then we headed to a rehearsal space to get to grips with some of Shakespeare's language. The children poked, prodded, pointed and clung to each other and I saw the language of Shakespeare come alive to them as they enacted the words from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Tom acted in the afternoon performance of Twelfth Night so we were really spoilt, actually being able to see him in action. 

A pizza lunch fuelled us for the outdoor performance. We huddled on our benches  in hats, scarfs and big coats. Then for 2 hours we laughed and stared and sang.  As a teacher I got a chance to see the faces of children suddenly seeing that Shakespeare could be fun and clever and perhaps most importantly … understood!

Mrs Pryce.