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Barfield School

An Independent Preparatory School for Girls and Boys


Inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate visited Barfield School in February 2019 for a Regulatory Compliance Inspection.  Barfield School met the standards required by the relevant regulations in all areas.
In February 2016 the Independent Schools Inspectorate report rated the School as “Excellent” in all eight inspection areas. “Excellent” is the highest rating awarded and is equivalent to Ofsted’s “Outstanding”.
This was a fantastic achievement for the school and is testament to the hard work of staff and pupils and the partnership which exists between the school and parents.
“The school fully meets its aim to provide a unique ethos in which family, community and socially responsible values are instilled through outstanding pastoral care.”
The main findings of the report are summarised here. Alternatively you can read the full report which can be found under Supplementary Information.
  • Barfield School is highly successful in meeting its aims, giving pupils an excellent grounding in a wide range of subjects and life skills and ensuring that they are happily challenged and nurtured
  • From the EYFS onwards, pupils’ achievement and learning are excellent. They attain high standards and make excellent progress, thanks to excellent curricular and extra-curricular provision and teaching
  • Pupils particularly benefit from wide-ranging opportunities in sport and outdoor pursuits 
  • Teachers have excellent relationships with pupils and know them very well, so that they are able to match work very accurately to pupils' needs in lessons
  • Pupils’ personal development is excellent. They are proud of their school and keen to make their contribution to the school community. They feel a great sense of responsibility and empathy toward one another
  • Pupils thrive at the school because of the excellent pastoral care
  • Recommendations from the previous inspection have been fully addressed, and the work of the school is carefully monitored and evaluated. Governance and the leadership and management of the school are excellent
  • Parents are highly satisfied with the school and what it offers their children